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Welcome to Little Buns, a natural diaper store. My husband, Joe, and I have sought out what we feel are some of the best natural baby products available today. We want you to feel confident when you purchase from Little Buns, you are getting a quality product with the best service available.

For the past twenty-one years I have been a stay-at-home Mom, raising five of the most amazing humans on the planet. I LOVE parenthood! But, with my youngest starting the first grade I felt it was time for a new challenge. I knew I wanted a business that could help people, and changing diapers is something I know about. I am confident that more and more young families will be turning to cloth diapers for three significant reasons: the environment, the economy, and because it is better for baby. There are so many good and innovative products available and I am stoked (my son's word) to tell you about them. I want you to try our products and if they are not exactly what you want within the first 30 days, feel free to send them back! Be confident that I want you to be so satisfied with your purchase that you will tell your friends. Again, thanks for choosing Little Buns. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can. -Jennifer 719 821-3088 cell


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*Please contact our customer service center for full details. (719) 821-3088



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